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Best Gift Ever

I met Judi Way in the early 1990s. After having my second child at 34, my energy, weight and self esteem where way outta whack. A Personal Trainer was a Christmas gift from my parents. Best gift ever. Working out 3 days a week for the past 19 years with Judi Way. Yes best gift ever.

From the first day I walked into Judi’s studio her smile and enthusiasm, for what she does, well it was infectious. Judi always makes working out fun. That is a good trainer. She is always taking new classes and stays up on all the latest diets (good or bad) workout routines, new approaches to old exercises to keep things fresh.

I have had several surgeries over the last 20 years and Judi has always been by my side, with the Doctors, guiding me through rehab. Whatever it might be, Massage, Strength Training, Yoga, Pilates, CranioSacral work. You name it and she will make it happen. My personal trainer and friend has made my life much better by keeping my mind, body and sprit motivated and healthy.

—Stephanie Boren, Fallbrook CA


Healing What Ails You

If anyone in or near Idyllwild, CA has not availed themselves of any of Judi Way's services, I strongly recommend you do. Be it for Pilates, massage, retreats, or hiking, simply being with her and her passions will go a long way toward healing what ails you.

—Steven Morrison, Spiritual Workout, Idyllwild CA